Best Selling Book: How to Stop Bedwetting Easily

This world’s best selling bedwetting book by Dr Janet Hall is separated into three distinct parts:

Part 1: For Kids
Fun cartoons and larger print gives kids a user-friendly understanding of their brain-bladder connection. Knowledge is power and some kids become dry simply by reading the book.

Part 2: For Parents
Gives the facts and demystifies the fairy tales so parents can fully assist their children to be dry.

Part 3: Professional Advice
What if you still need help? Find out what services are available.

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NOTE!  This same book was also published by Five Mile Press in 2009, called: How To Stop Bedwetting

PS! The earliest edition of Dr Janet Hall’s stop bedwetting book was called: How To Be Boss of the Bladder
(we just changed the name and cover and updated the information)