Stop Bedwetting Easily Hypnosis

Dr Janet Hall is a member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis and is extremely well qualified to use hypnosis as an adjunct to the Stop Bedwetting Program.

Since children under the age of twelve are usually very good hypnotic subjects, it would seem useful to consider the possibility of hypnosis for assisting a child in learning dryness.

Hypnosis is usually a gentle relaxation experience where a personalised mp3 recording is made with direct suggestions for the child to integrate mind and body well being and comfort. Suggestions are also made for increasing confidence and positive feelings of self esteem.

There are three possible formats for hypnosis with Dr Janet Hall:

  • Face to Face Interview
  • Phone Interview
  • Personalised mp3 recording
    (arranged by email or phone)

Want a personalised MP3 recording?
Dr Jan is happy to make you your very own recording for a reasonable investment. Just use this form to provide information which briefly outlines your problem. Return it, and Jan will give you powerful suggestions on your personal mp3 recording which taps into the power of your own name and is very meaningful for you.