Testimonial to Boss of the Bladder Book & email service

A testimonial to the “How You Can Be Boss of the Bladder” Book and our email service!

My Mum and I are writing to you to see if you might be able to help me with bed wetting.
I am 8 ½ years of age. I wet the bed most nights. I have 2 brothers aged 11 and 5 and neither of them wet the bed. We were wondering if your program might be able to help me.
Mum and I both read the article in Saturday’s Herald Sun. We already do all of the suggested tips you mentioned for a dry bed.

Our response:
Thanks for your email and especially thank you for taking the responsibility to email us yourself when you are only 8!!
My name is Rebecca Gilmour, I am a psychologist who manages the Boss of the Bladder clinic for Dr Janet Hall in Richmond. There are some steps you can take before embarking on our program.
1.) Firstly, we would strongly suggest you read Dr Hall’s book “How You Can Be Boss of the Bladder”. It is an excellent resource for both parents and children to read. The book is available through our website or from most bookstores. This is usually the first step we take in trying to get children dry, as often just by reading about what is happening can be enough to get them dry as knowledge is power!

2.) The next step is whether or not you are still wearing nappies or pull ups to bed. If you are then we suggest removing these to see whether there is a chance you can become dry by yourself and allow this to happen for a couple of weeks. It is a much different sensation waking up in a wet bed as opposed to a wet pull-up.

3.) If you are still not dry, then a bell and pad alarm in conjunction with regular coaching from a psychologist is the best intervention method and generally is 90 per cent effective.

The costs involved with our program are subject to individual circumstances, and whether or not you have a MEDICARE referral from a GP. Under the medicare scheme (brought in November 2006) enuresis (either bedwetting or day time wetting) is considered a psychological item that can be rebated through Medicare. If you chose to go through Medicare, your child will be entitled to 6 sessions in which you will receive $75 back on each session. If you would like to consider this option, please let me know so that I can send you some documents which you can print out and give to your GP in order to make it easier for him/her in writing the GP Health Care Plan for your child. Please go to our website and follow the medicare link for further information on this. If you have private health insurance you may also be eligible for a rebate.

Following response received from 8 year old:
Thank you for writing back.
We ordered the book and it arrived today. I am reading it first and then Mum will read it.
I am going to try to go without pull-ups over the school holidays. Hopefully after reading the book I might be successful. I will write to you again after the school holidays to let you know how I go. If it doesn’t work, Mum will then make an appointment.

Parent’s response:
My daughter and I wrote to you regarding a bedwetting issue. You advised that she should try to go without pull-ups for 2 weeks. She did this over the school holidays and continues to go without pull-ups.
She had about a 50% success rate. This really is a big improvement on what was previously occurring. There doesn’t seem to be any patterns as to whether she will be dry or not. Sometimes 3 or 4 dry nights followed by 3 or 4 wet ones. There have even been instances of more than one accident during the night. She doesn’t seem to be waking during it, just waking after it has happened. Probably because she is cold? She also does not wake needing to go to the toilet. She either sleeps right through successfully or wakes up wet.
Do we continue with what we’re doing as I can see some improvement or do you think the bed alarm might be our next step?
Thanks for all of your help so far.

Within a month they emailed again with:
I think we have turned a corner. It has been a long process but I would now safely say that my daughter no longer has a bedwetting problem. It all slowly got better and better. Had about 1 to 2 accidents a week and it has now been nearly 2 weeks of dry nights.I really can’t thank you enough. I don’t think we would have gone down this path had we not spoken to you. The article in the Herald Sun came along at just the right time. I was quite happy to let her grow out of it. After reading the article, she was very keen to give it a go. Thanks again Rebecca.