Toilet Training Setback After Beginning Kinder

I have your book Easy Toilet Training and have found it very useful. My son started toilet training when he was 2 1/2 years. We had been really successful, no poo accidents till this weekend and a wee accident maybe every 3rd day usually when he was too busy and forgot.

He started a kinder program a few weeks ago and since then we have had accidents every day including one poo and he tells me he will just do it in his pants, stickers and treats have stopped working and I am not sure what to do.

Interestingly, he has been to kinder twice now and held on for 3 1/2 hours, no wees while he was at kinder, but can’t even make an hour at home without weeing and he has stopped telling me.

We are not sure what to do, apart from keep persevering and asking him every hour if he needs to go but how long should we do this for? Any thoughts comments would be greatly appreciated.

Also we do undies at home and pull-ups when going out, hope this is okay, but recently I have gone back to pull-ups at home because of all the accidents.

I saw the mother and the little boy on one occasion and set them up with a toilet plan. In the session, we discussed the confusion that can arise when having children in undies at home and then pull-ups when going out. Like in many areas of parenting, it helps a child if you are consistent in whatever approach you take. The mother emailed me a few weeks later with this response.

I have been waiting a couple of weeks to see what happened but he finally toilet trained (during the day, still wet about 4 nights out of 7). After seeing you we asked him occasionally if he needed to go without forcing the issue or putting him under pressure.

Two weeks after his birthday just before going to kinder he said he wanted to wear his ‘Buzz’ undies. I told him he had to tell me when he needed to go and in the first 2 weeks I think he had only 3 accidents, which were when he was too busy playing. We still do the odd sticker and chocolate when he asks, but we are so happy. Thanks for you advice during our visit.