Who we are

The Boss of the Bladder Program has an original and unique approach for coaching children and adolescents to be dry. The program fosters confidence in kids and parents through learning the facts from Dr Janet Hall’s books and audios.

Children are coached under the expert guidance of Rebecca Gilmour to proud success and permanent dry beds and pants.

Dr Janet HallDr Janet Hall is the founder of The Boss of the Bladder Program in Melbourne Australia, which has for over 30 years treated hundreds of children and adolescents who have experienced problems with staying dry.

Dr Janet Hall is a member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis and is extremely well qualified to use hypnosis as an adjunct to The Boss of the Bladder Program.

Jan is an author, speaker, retired clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist with extensive experience in education, private practice and business. Jan’s particular interests are in goal-setting, relationship counselling, sex therapy, managing fears, stress and phobias and family/child relationships.

Rebecca GilmourRebecca Gilmour is a psychologist and mother of two, who has been trained under the expert guidance of Dr Janet Hall to consult and manage the Boss of the Bladder Program in Richmond. She has over 15 years experience working with children, adolescents and parents in assisting them to become permanently dry at night and during the day. As a motivation coach for kids, she is the key to a positive outcome at the Boss of the Bladder Program. She also specialises in other toilet-related issues, including toilet fears, toilet training, nappy fixation and encopresis.

Rebecca works with the child and their parents, both independently and collaboratively. She consults with the parents at the beginning and end of each session for progress and planning reports. She then consults with the child to build rapport and trust in order to become the child’s coach, confidante and friend. She coaches them throughout their program, offering support, strategies and encouragement, along with helping them to develop assertive and social behaviour skills. She also counsels the parents to be supportive, yet firm with their child, encouraging the child to take responsibility and gain some control of their world.