Wet beds, wet pants, poos in pants
Think you have tried everything?

We provide advice, support and management for children, adolescents and parents for:

• Bedwetting (noctural enuresis)

• Day wetting (diurnal enuresis)

• Soiling (faecal incontinence)

• Constipation

• Toilet fears and phobias

The facts about bedwetting:

  • One in ten children up to the age of ten are still wetting the bed.
  • Many parents are concerned and frustrated as to where to go next and parents and children NEED to know the facts.
  • Children learn to understand that their brain can control their bladder.

The Facts about our program:

  • 90% become dry.
  • The KEY is a positive, caring treatment program.
  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility and gain control, understanding that dryness can be achieved by his or her efforts.

Problem: Need more information about bedwetting?

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Problem: Persistent and continual bedwetting?

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