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Dr Janet Hall has a uniquely user-friendly way of delivering information. She talks directly to you in everyday, easy to understand terms so that you get maximum benefit in applying her suggested ideas and strategies directly into your life to achieve the success that you deserve. All of Jan’s information is readily attainable by contacting her directly :
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Parenting Books by Dr Janet Hall

Super-Parent Survival Guide Busy parents don’t have time to read a text book or consult an expert when there is a crisis. This Parent Survival Guide has A-Z instant strategies for handling child problems which are a quick referral source for challenged parents. Keep it on your kitchen bench or in your car or anywhere handy. It can be a valuable resource for ideas and also for regaining your sense of humour and equilibrium! And consulting it can be an opportunity to calm down and not do something you might regret!

Sex Wise Dr Jan’s book for parents and young people, Sex Wise, covers what every parent and young person needs to know about sex.

Fear Free Children A book which provides a unique insight into the causes, symptoms and treatment of problem fears in children, Fear Free Children shows how fears can be overcome with confidence-building activities, games, stories, self-talk and rewards. The book is written in two sections – the first giving information for parents and the second teaching examples through stories for younger children. Teenagers can benefit from reading the entire book and directly applying the information to their own circumstance. The simplicity makes it easy to understand, adapt and apply so that you quickly get control over your fears and learn to solve your own problems.

Fight-Free Families Did you know that 85% of families have had their first fight before 9am in the morning? And they often fight at dinner and especially before bed! Fight-Free Families explains why people fight and gives terrific ideas for how to manage fights, but even better, avoid them. It is possible to have an (almost) fight-free family by creating an environment at home that supports the peaceful resolution of conflict.

How You Can Be Boss of Bedtime Here is an effective solution for all parents who feel frustrated and fed-up when children’s bedtime arrives. This book promotes a win-win situation which empowers children to actively plan and participate in their own bedtime routine.

Parenting Audios by Dr Janet Hall

How To Super-Boost Your Child’s Self-esteem Parents will learn how stress effects parenting, how to offer self-esteem “damage control’, how to identify a ‘toxic’ parent, how to help your child cope with failure and the three keys to coaching your child towards a solid self-esteem.

Stop Tantrums Now You will learn how to handle and prevent tantrums in toddlers (and even some adults!) The Good Kid Game empowers parents with safety-net procedures for tantrums which produce least fuss and least upset. The Being Ready Routine is great for helping families beat the morning rush without panic, tears and tantrums!

Personal Development Audios by Dr Janet Hall

Did you know that Dr Jan is a very experienced hypnotherapist? She believes very strongly in the power of the mind to assist in boosting your success and has recorded many audios which combine Jan’s usual style of chatty, easily understood information, with a segment of hypnosis.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis You know it’s time! This audio will help you to boost your self-esteem and give you the willpower to quit smoking for once and for all!

Lose Weight with Hypnosis You deserve to have a slim, fit and healthy body. Gain slimness easily and gain confidence in the power of your mind to achieve the results that you deserve.

Heart Healing What do you do to cope when someone you loved has died or abandoned you? Part 1 has an explanation of the healthiest way to let go of your upset. Part 2 gives a unique hypnotic experience which allows your upset to be released and energizes you to recommit to your right for maximum personal and relationship success.

Total Confidence Through Relaxation Part 1 gives you a classical relaxation meditation experience where you follow the healing light through your body so that you feel at peace with your world.

How To Stress-Proof Yourself With Stress-Proof Coaching you can learn to achieve your goals faster, with no burn-out.

Stop Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment can cost millions of dollars with job turn-over expenses, lost productivity and stress-related illness. This audio explains why sexual tension occurs in business and how to promote healthy sexual politics to create and environment that protects your business and investment.

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Dr Jan is happy to make you your very own audio for a reasonable investment. Just email your personal details and you will receive a special form to complete which briefly outlines your problem. Return it, and Jan will give you powerful suggestions on your personal audio which taps into the power of your own name and is very meaningful for you.