Remove the pull ups!


Frequently, we receive enquiries from parents with young children (aged between 3 and 5) who want to know what the first steps are they can do to help their child have dry beds.

The following is just one of the many email responses we receive when I offer the advice from last weeks blog, that is, read the Boss of the Bladder book with your child and remove pull-ups or nappies.
A couple of months after emailing the advice, I sent the following:

Hi There,
Just a quick email to check in with you and see how your daughter was going with achieving dry beds at night. When you emailed me almost a couple of months ago now,  she was tired of the pull ups and I advised to take her out of them and see whether she had any success being dry on her own. You also enquired about our program and the costs involved, were you still interested in possibly going on our program.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Warm regards,
Rebecca Gilmour
Psychologist M.A.P.S
Boss of the Bladder Manager

To which I received the following response:

Hi Rebecca
Thank you for following us up.
We took Miss 6 out of the pullups and she was dry straight away. In her first two week period she only had one wet night. We than went on holidays and stayed at several different places. She went pretty well whilst we were away however she did have several wet nights. I put this down to late nights different locations and a change in routine. We have been back from holidays for 3 weeks and she has only had one wet night!!!

After reading the Boss of the bladder book we started getting her to find her way,  in the dark, to the toilet with a torch, prior to going to sleep. She now is very confident in getting up and going to the toilet and does so most nights.

At this stage we will not need the program. Since we have started talking to other parents about her wetting we have discovered other parents with the same difficulty and we have been suggesting they start with the boss of the bladder book. They seem to be like us and doing all the wrong things like getting her up to go to the toilet and restricting drinks.

Once again thanks for your help and giving me the confidence to remove the dreaded pullup.